More About Martin Kendell

Proud Burnaby Resident

Martin has lived in Burnaby for over 20 years, and currently resides in the Burnaby North with his wife of 14 years and their twin children. 

More Than 10 Years Experience - Strata Council President

Martin knows first hand of the challenges that Burnaby residents face while living in the fastest growing sector of the Burnaby housing market.

More Than 10 Years Experience - Working in Municipal Government

Martin has worked for the City of Vancouver for over 10 years, and knows the challenges that are faced due to government bureaucracy and inefficiency.

Fun Stuff Involving Martin

Martin's hobbies include golf, poker and being a general know-it-all.

Martin played 216 holes of golf in a 10 hour time span to raise money for the GI Society.

Martin is a big fan of the band U2. He recently got the privilege of hosting his own show on U2X Radio.

Martin is a trivia savant who won $11,100 from a Vancouver radio station playing Awesome 80's Trivia