My Official Federal Platform

Real Solutions for Canada's Housing Market

The cost of real estate across Canada has risen to the point that the average Canadian can't afford to purchase real estate without making substantial sacrifices. Solving the issue of creating affordable and sustainable housing in Canada is going to require action on a number of fronts. People who own more than three properties will be taxed at a reasonable rate to help fund housing initiatives for low income Canadians, and new programs need to be implemented to help first time buyers to get into the housing market to build equity for their families. A five year moratorium on Canadian real estate purchases by foreign buyers would allow an opportunity for the overheated Canadian real estate sector to cool off, and give government agencies and the private sector an opportunity to increase supply to create a healthier balance for all Canadians. However, in order for all this to occur, municipal zoning regulations need to be amended to allow flexibility for gentle densification to increase housing supply in communities across Canada.

Action on Climate Change Initiatives 

The time to act when it came to climate change and global warming was ten years ago. Due to inaction by previous Liberal and Conservative governments, we are now at the point where global warming is causing unprecedented melting of polar ice and tundra, and Canadians are literally getting baked alive in extreme heat events from coast to coast. We need to transition to green energy solutions immediately and decrease our dependence on fossil fuel based industries as soon as possible.

Affordable Child Care Options for Canadian Families

Justin Trudeau is a big fan of the $10 A Day child care program, but he seems to prefer promising taxpayer money for this program over getting immediate and concrete results. It is time to stop talking about this program, and time to get to work towards launching an effective child care program running from coast to coast to coast by September 2023. However, the $10 A Day option should be reserved for the lowest income families, with families who can afford a little more paying a moderate surcharge for their child care needs. For families who decide to have one parent stay at home to take care of their children, there will be a federal tax credit to help with the financial burden of having only one income to support the household.

Commitment to Electoral Reform

Do you remember when Justin Trudeau promised that the 2015 federal election was the last one that was going to be done by First Past The Post? I do, and it was one of the main reasons I voted for the Liberals that year. Once Mr Trudeau got a majority mandate, he abandoned that promise as he realized the current system benefited his political party greatly. Effective Government should be about leadership, compromise and taking the best ideas from every party's platform and working for the benefit of all Canadians. That's why I endorse a multi-member proportional representation model that will give Canadians the opportunity to rank their preferential local candidates rather than choose just one option.

Greater Accountability of Federal Government Spending

Canada's national debt as of August 2021 is 1.1 trillion dollars, and is growing at the rate of 424 million dollars a day. Justin Trudeau's budget for the 2020/21 is projected to have a 354 billion dollar deficit, and the Liberal government has no plans to attempt to balance the budget for at least 50 years. As a Canadian with young children, it is unacceptable to burden the next generations with a crippling amount of debt and have no plan or will to balance the budget anytime in the near future.

Support Lower Internet, Cable and Cell Phone Bills

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government promised to do something about the highest cell phone rates in the world, and was unable to relieve the burden of excessively high cell phone bills for the average Canadian. Meanwhile, the Big 3 telecommunications companies are making record profits and have no interest in providing competitive cell phone plans, internet access and cable bills that give Canadians a proper and collusion-free choice. The CRTC needs to act in the best interests of Canadians and bring cell phone plans and internet/cable bills in line with countries like the United States and Australia.

Reduce the Number of Senate Seats by 50 Percent

The Senate is a necessary part of the Canada's bicameral parliamentary system, but has turned into a patronage program to reward friends and donors of the ruling party. The number of Senate seats should be reduced by 50 percent, and the gold plated pension package should be discontinued to remove Senators who are not interested in acting in the best interests of the Canadian taxpayer.