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Real Solutions for Burnaby's Housing Market

The cost of real estate across Canada has risen to the point that the average Canadian can't afford to purchase real estate without making substantial sacrifices. The City of Burnaby needs to offer more flexibility and less red tape in its residential zoning practices, and offer incentives to build family friendly missing middle structures such as duplexes, multiplex complexes, stacked apartments, legally built secondary suites and laneway houses. The City of Burnaby needs to immediately address parking issues all over the city that are generating animosity among its residents.

Safe, Clean and Accessible Playgrounds and Parks

The City of Burnaby needs to do a better job in making sure parks and playgrounds are clean and well maintained. Burnaby parks should be accessible for all ages and abilities, and more effort should be taken to tell the story of the people and places that have shaped and grown Burnaby over the past 200 years.

Better Delivery of City Services

The City of Burnaby needs to be more thorough and efficient when responding to issues with City infrastructure. Burnaby needs to look at other Metro Vancouver municipalities and adopt best practices when it comes to gathering information to resolve issues and providing timely feedback to residents who report those issues.

Transition Towards Green Energy Solutions

The City of Burnaby needs to work more aggressively towards replacing its vehicle fleet with hybrid and EV technology. Fossil fuels that use fracking such as natural gas and LNG must be elimated from the vehicle fleet in order to move towards a more environmentally responsible manner quicker.

Burnaby needs to lead the way in making sure that new building developments include incentives in order to encourage green energy infrastructure and reduce its overall carbon footprint.