My Pledge

I, Martin Edward Kendell, hereby pledge to do the following for the residents of Burnaby:

I will be open, honest and accountable while executing my duties as a City Councillor for the City of Burnaby

I will strive to communicate openly with the residents of Burnaby, and pledge that I will be forthcoming and honest during my time in office. I promise to be accountable for the decisions I make.

I will not vote for any pay raises for the City Council until year 3 of the four year term.

I will not vote YES for any pay raises for the Burnaby City Council until 2024, which is the third year of the four year term.

I will wear a purple t-shirt saying "VOTE FOR MARTIN" starting in September 2022.

If you see me out and about while wearing the purple shirt, please feel free to say hi and talk about any issues that concern you.